Mineralogical tracers of gold and rare-metal mineralization in Eastern Kazakhstan

Boris A. D′yachkov, Ainel Y. Bissatova, Marina A. Mizernaya, Sergey V. Khromykh, Tatiana A. Oitseva, Oxana N. Kuzmina, Natalya A. Zimanovskaya, Saltanat S. Aitbayeva

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Replenishment of mineral resources, especially gold and rare metals, is critical for pro-gress in the mining and metallurgical industry of Eastern Kazakhstan. To substantiate the scientific background for mineral exploration, we study microinclusions in minerals from gold and rare-metal fields, as well as trace-element patterns in ores and their hosts that may mark gold and rare-metal mineralization. The revealed compositions of gold-bearing sulfide ores and a number of typical minerals (magnetite, goethite, arsenopyrite, antimonite, gold and silver) and elements (Fe, Mn, Cu, Pb, Zn, As, and Sb) can serve as exploration guides. The analyzed samples contain rare micrometer lead (alamosite, kentrolite, melanotekite, cotunnite) and nickel (bunsenite, tre-vorite, gersdorffite) phases and accessory cassiterite, wolframite, scheelite, and microlite. The ores bear native gold (with Ag and Pt impurities) amenable to concentration by gravity and flotation methods. Multistage rare-metal pegmatite mineralization can be predicted from the presence of mineral assemblages including cleavelandite, muscovite, lepidolite, spodumene, pollucite, tanta-lite, microlite, etc. and such elements as Ta, Nb, Be, Li, Cs, and Sn. Pegmatite veins bear diverse Ta minerals (columbite, tantalite-columbite, manganotantalite, ixiolite, and microlite) that accumulat-ed rare metals late during the evolution of the pegmatite magmatic system. The discovered mineralogical and geochemical criteria are useful for exploration purposes.

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