Mineralogical diversity of ca2 sio4-bearing combustion metamorphic rocks in the hatrurim basin: Implications for storage and partitioning of elements in oil shale clinkering

Ella V. Sokol, Svetlana N. Kokh, Victor V. Sharygin, Victoria A. Danilovsky, Yurii V. Seryotkin, Ruslan Liferovich, Anna S. Deviatiiarova, Elena N. Nigmatulina, Nikolay S. Karmanov

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This is the first attempt to provide a general mineralogical and geochemical survey of natural Ca2 SiO4-bearing combustion metamorphic (CM) rocks produced by annealing and decarbonation of bioproductive Maastrichtian oil shales in the Hatrurim Basin (Negev Desert, Israel). We present a synthesis of data collected for fifteen years on thirty nine minerals existing as fairly large grains suitable for analytical examination. The Hatrurim Ca2 SiO4-bearing CM rocks, which are natural analogs of industrial cement clinker, have been studied comprehensively, with a focus on several key issues: major-and trace-element compositions of the rocks and their sedimentary precursors; mineral chemistry of rock-forming phases; accessory mineralogy; incorporation of heavy metals and other trace elements into different phases of clinker-like natural assemblages; role of trace elements in stabilization/destabilization of Ca2 SiO4 polymorphic modifications; mineralogical diversity of Ca2 SiO4-bearing CM rocks and trace element partitioning during high-temperature–low-pressure anhydrous sintering. The reported results have implications for mineral formation and element partitioning during high-temperature–low-pressure combustion metamorphism of trace element-loaded bituminous marine chalky sediments (“oil shales”) as well as for the joint effect of multiple elements on the properties and hydration behavior of crystalline phases in industrial cement clinkers.

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