Middle Paleozoic Rhyolite of the Gorny and Rudny Altai: Geochronology and Composition

M. L. Kuibida, V. I. Timkin, V. A. Krivchikov, O. V. Murzin, V. I. Krupchatnikov, O. M. Popova, N. N. Kruk, S. N. Rudnev, Y. V. Kuibida, S. P. Shokal’sky, N. I. Gusev, T. Komiya, S. Aoki, M. Sun, A. V. Naryzhnova

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Abstract: The paper reports the results of geological, geochemical, and isotope–geochronological studies of subvolcanic rhyolites of NW Gorny Altai and Rudny Altai, which belong to the large Hercynian volcanic systems: Altai-Minusa and Altai–Salair, respectively. U–Pb zircon dating revealed two age groups: ~410–405 and 390–381 Ma. The isotope–geochemical characteristics of the rhyolites demonstrate high εNd(Т) from +2.6 to 6.0 with relatively young model ages T(DM) = 851–966 Ma in Rudny Altai and older model ages, up to 1266 Ma, in NW Gorny Altai. The rhyolites show transitional geochemical signatures between within-plate and island-arc felsic magmas. The results obtained are consistent with two-stage evolution of volcanism and its migration from the continent to the ocean.

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ЖурналDoklady Earth Sciences
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