Mechanochemical synthesis of inert component for composite solid electrolytes CsNO2 - MgAl2O4

Yu. G. Mateyshina, D. V. Alekseev, V. R. Khusnutdinov, N. F. Uvarov

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Magnesium - aluminum spinel MgAl2O4 was synthesized using mechanical treatment of the mixture of hydroxides followed by hydrothermal treatment and sintering at 850 oC. Obtained sample was nanocrystalline with a specific surface area of 170-250 m2/g and was used for preparation of composite solid electrolytes (1-x)CsNO2-xMgAl2O4. It was shown that conductivity increases with the spinel concentration and goes through a maximum 1.5·10-3 S/cm at 473 K for composite 0.6CsNO2-0.4MgAl2O4. Thus, nanocrystalline spinel material MgAl2O4 obtained in the present work may be regarded as promising oxide additive in CSE.

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ЖурналMaterials Today: Proceedings
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Событие5th International Conference on Fundamental Bases of Mechanochemical Technologies (FBMT) - Novosibirsk
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