Mechanism of stress induced leakage current in Si 3 N 4

V. A. Gritsenko, A. A. Gismatulin, A. P. Baraban, A. Chin

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In this paper, the experimental current density versus electric field characteristics of Si 3 N 4 before and after the electrical field-induced stress were measured. It is shown that, the Frenkel model of Coulomb trap ionization, Hill-Adachi model of overlapping Coulomb traps, Makram-Ebeid and Lannoo multiphonon isolated trap ionization model do not describe the charge transport of Si 3 N 4 before and after the electrical field-induced stress. The Nasyrov-Gritsenko model of phonon assisted tunneling between traps quantitatively describes the hole transport mechanism in Si 3 N 4 before and after the induced stress at traps energies W t =1.6 eV and W opt =3.2 eV. The current leakage at different induced stresses in Si 3 N 4 is explained by the increase of trap concentration via the creation of Si-Si bonds, which are traps in Si 3 N 4 .

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