Measurements of the branching fractions of ηc→K+K−π0, K0SK±π∓, 2(π+π−π0), and p¯p

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Using data samples collected with the BESIII detector at center-of-mass energies √s=4.23, 4.26, 4.36, and 4.42 GeV, we measure the branching fractions of ηc→K+K−π0, K0SK±π∓, 2(π+π−π0), and p¯p, via the process e+e−→π+π−hc, hc→γηc. The corresponding results are (1.15±0.12±0.10)%, (2.60±0.21±0.20)%, (15.2±1.8±1.7)%, and (0.120±0.026±0.015)%, respectively. Here the first uncertainties are statistical, and the second ones systematic. Additionally, the charged track multiplicity of ηc decays is measured for the first time

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