Measurements of detonation propagation in the plastic explosive in charges of small diameters using synchrotron radiation

A. O. Kashkarov, E. R. Pruuel, K. A. Ten, I. A. Rubtsov, S. I. Kremenko, K. M. Prosvirnin, A. N. Kiselev, I. E. Kosolapov, O. V. Kostitsyn, B. G. Loboyko, A. K. Muzyrya

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During the detonation of charges of plastic explosives based on PETN and RDX, the spatial structure of the arising flow and the degree of compression of the matter behind the detonation front were obtained using the synchrotron radiation facilities. The experiments were carried out with charges of small diameters, which made it possible to control the symmetry of the undisturbed charge of the explosive and the flow behind the detonation front. In addition, the advanced detector was used to increase the frame rate by 4 times in comparison with the authors' earlier works.

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Номер статьи042004
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ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
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