Measurement of the ripple of magnet power supply and its effect to the beam energy

Jian Yong Zhang, Xiao Cai, Xiao Hu Mo, Guang Yi Tang, Shu Jun Wei, Feng Li Long, Bin Chen, M. N. Achasov, N. Yu Muchnoi

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Objective:: This study is aimed at measuring the ripple of magnetic power supply of BEPCII and checking its effect to beam energy. Materials and methods:: A sensor made of printed circuit board coils is designed and manufactured. The sensor was inserted into a good area region of the magnetic field with the surface perpendicular to the field force lines. The change of the magnetic field would be detected according to Faraday’s law. Results:: The experiment result indicates that the time-dependent ripple of the magnetic field is in the magnitude of ppm. Conclusion:: Such a small effect of the time-dependent ripplecan be negligibleto beam energy.

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ЖурналRadiation Detection Technology and Methods
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