Measurement of the e+e → ηπ + π cross section with the CMD-3 detector at the VEPP-2000 collider

CMD-3 Collaboration

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The cross section of the process e+e→ ηπ+π is measured using the data collected with the CMD-3 detector at the VEPP-2000 collider in the center-of-mass energy range from 1.1 to 2.0 GeV. The decay mode η → γγ is used for η meson reconstruction in the data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 78.3 pb−1. The energy dependence of the e+e→ ηπ+π cross section is fitted within the framework of vector meson dominance in order to extract the Γ(ρ(1450) → e+e)B(ρ(1450) → ηπ+π) and the Γ(ρ(1700) → e+e)B(ρ(1700) → ηπ+π) products. Based on conservation of vector current, the analyzed data are used to test the relationship between the e+e→ ηπ+π cross section and the spectral function in τ→ ηππ0ντ decay. The e+e→ ηπ+π cross section obtained with the CMD-3 detector is in good agreement with the previous measurements.

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