Magnetic field effect on recombination of radicals diffusing on a two-dimensional plane

Nikita N. Lukzen, Konstantin L. Ivanov, Vladimir M. Sadovsky, Renad Z. Sagdeev

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Magnetic Field Effects (MFEs) on the recombination of radicals, which diffuse on an infinite plane, are studied theoretically. The case of spin-selective diffusion-controlled recombination of Radical Pairs (RPs) starting from a random spin state is considered assuming uniform initial distribution of the radicals. In this situation, reaction kinetics is described by a time-dependent rate coefficient K(t), which tends to zero at long times. Strong MFEs on K(t) are predicted that originate from the Δg and hyperfine driven singlet-triplet mixing in the RP. The effects of spin relaxation on the magnetic field are studied, as well as the influence of the dipole-dipole interaction between the electron spins of the RP. In the two-dimensional case, this interaction is not averaged out by diffusion and it strongly affects the MFE. The results of this work are of importance for interpreting MFEs on lipid peroxidation, a magnetosensitive process occurring on two-dimensional surfaces of cell membranes.

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ЖурналJournal of Chemical Physics
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