Low-Percentage Со/Clay Catalysts in the Process of Oxidative Conversion of C3-C4 Saturated Hydrocarbons

B. K. Massalimova, G. D. Jetpisbayeva, D. T. Altynbekova, S. M. Nauruzkulova, A. A. Atakozhaeva, V. A. Sadykov

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Oxidative conversion of C-3-C-4 hydrocarbons by air to oxygen-containing compounds at T = 400-550 degrees C and space velocity of 7500 h(-1), 9000h(-)(1) on monoxide catalysts containing 1-, 3-, 5% Co supported on natural red clays was studied. The reaction temperature, contact time, change in the space velocity in the process of partial oxidation of C-3-C-4 hydrocarbons have been studied.

Acid treatment of the sorbents contributed to the development of the surface area and the enlargement of pore radius, which led to an increase of oxygen-containing compounds in the final product. The SiO2/Al2O3 ratio (silica modulus) was increased after acid treatment too.

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