Long-pulse plasma source for SMOLA helical mirror

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A plasma gun for forming a plasma stream in the open magnetic mirror trap with additional helicoidal field SMOLA is described. The plasma gun is an axisymmetric system with a planar circular hot cathode based on lanthanum hexaboride and a hollow copper anode. The two planar coils are located around the plasma source and create a magnetic field of up to 200 mT. The magnetic field forms the magnetron configuration of the discharge and provides a radial electric insulation. The source typically operates with a discharge current of up to 350 A in hydrogen. Plasma parameters in the SMOLA device are Ti ∼ 5 eV, Te ∼ 5-40 eV and ni ∼ (0.1-1) × 1019 m-3. Helium plasma can also be created. The plasma properties depend on the whole group of initial technical parameters: the cathode temperature, the feeding gas flow, the anode-cathode supply voltage and the magnitude of the cathode magnetic insulation.

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