The conductance of a GaAs-based suspended quantum point contact (QPC) equipped with lateral side gates has been experimentally studied in the absence of the external magnetic field. The half-integer conductance plateau (0.5×2e2/h) has been observed when an asymmetric voltage between the side gates is applied. The appearance of this plateau has been attributed to the spin degeneracy lifting caused by the spin-orbit coupling associated with the lateral electric field in the asymmetrically biased QPC. We have experimentally demonstrated that, despite the relatively small g-factor in GaAs, the observation of the spin polarization in the GaAs-based QPC became possible after the suspension due to the enhancement of the electron-electron interaction and the effect of the electric field guiding. These features are caused by a partial confinement of the electric field lines within a suspended semiconductor layer with a high dielectric constant.

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ЖурналApplied Physics Letters
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