Late Jurassic (151–147 Ma) Dike Magmatism of the Northeastern Margin of the Siberian Craton

V. Yu Fridovsky, K. Yu Yakovleva, A. E. Vernikovskaya, V. A. Vernikovsky, N. V. Rodionov, K. I. Lokhov

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Dikes of intermediate and felsic composition from the area of the Vyun deposit and the Shumnyi occurrence, both of which belong to the Yano–Kolyma gold belt (Northeast Asia), are dated for the first time, with the age of 151–147 Ma (Late Jurassic) based on U–Pb zircon dating (SHRIMP II method). The trace element distribution in the dike rocks is very similar to the previously studied Late Jurassic mafic dikes reported in similar blocks representing fragments of the Siberian Craton margin. Based on this, these dikes can constitute an unified complex. The dikes could have formed from mixed material from enriched and depleted mantle sources, probably in the northeastern part (in modern coordinates) of the Siberian Craton, in the settings of an active continental margin. This event preceded and was contemporaneous to the early (Late Jurassic) stage of the collision between the Siberian Craton and the Kolyma–Omolon superterrane.

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