L-Cysteine halogenides: A new family of salts with an l-cysteine"l-cysteinium dimeric cation

V. V. Ghazaryan, V. S. Minkov, E. V. Boldyreva, A. M. Petrosyan

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Two l-cysteinium-halogenides with (l-cysteine···l-cysteinium) dimeric cations have been obtained, (l-Cys"l-Cys+)·Cl-, and (l-Cys"l-Cys+)·Br-. Both salts crystallize in monoclinic space group P21. Although these salts have the same dimeric cations and isotypical halogen anions, crystal packing is different. The main difference between the two salts rests in the conformation of (l-Cys"l-Cys+) dimeric cation, which also differs from that of the dimeric cation in the previously reported compound l-Cys+(l-Cys"l-Cys+)·F-·(F-"HF). The dimeric cation is formed by a very short O-H"O hydrogen bond with d(O···O) of 2.449(2) Å and 2.435(11) Å in the chloride and bromide, respectively. In addition to crystal structure analysis, Infrared and Raman spectra have been registered and discussed with a particular focus on intermolecular interactions. The l-Cys+·Br-·H2O salt with a simple l-cysteinium cation was also obtained and the crystal structure solved. It resembles its chloride analogue, l-Cys+·Cl-·H2O.

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ЖурналJournal of Molecular Structure
СостояниеОпубликовано - 5 окт. 2016


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