Karanahan: A Potential New Treatment Option for Human Breast Cancer and Its Validation in a Clinical Setting

Anastasia S. Proskurina, Victoria V. Kupina, Yaroslav R. Efremov, Evgenia V. Dolgova, Vera S. Ruzanova, Genrikh S. Ritter, Ekaterina A. Potter, Svetlana S. Kirikovich, Evgeniy V. Levites, Alexandr A. Ostanin, Elena R. Chernykh, Oksana G. Babaeva, Sergey V. Sidorov, Sergey S. Bogachev

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Introduction: Karanahan, a cancer treatment technology aimed at eradicating tumor-initiating stem cells, has already proven effective in 7 tumor models. Karanahan comprises the following procedures: (1) collecting surgical specimens, (2) determining the duration of the DNA repair process in tumor cells exposed to a cross-linking cytostatic agent, and (3) determining the time point, when cells, including tumor-initiating stem cells, are synchronized in the certain phase of the cell cycle after triple exposure to the cytostatic, becoming vulnerable for the terminal treatment, which is supposed to completely eliminate the rest of survived tumor-initiating stem cells. Determining these basic tumor properties allows to design the schedule for the administration of a cross-linking cytostatic and a complex composite DNA preparation. Being conducted in accordance with the schedule designed, Karanahan results in the large-scale apoptosis of tumor cells with elimination of tumor-initiating stem cells. Methods: Breast tumor specimens were obtained from patients, and basic tumor properties essential for conducting Karanahan therapy were determined. Results: We report the first use of Karanahan in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. Technical details of handling surgical specimens for determining the essential Karanahan parameters (tumor volume, cell number, cell proliferation status, etc) have been worked out. The terminally ill patient, who was undergoing palliative treatment and whose tumor specimen matched the required criteria, received a complete course of Karanahan. Conclusions: The results of the treatment conducted indicate that Karanahan technology has a therapeutic potency and can be used as a breast cancer treatment option.

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ЖурналBreast Cancer: Basic and Clinical Research
СостояниеОпубликовано - февр. 2022

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