Isotopic-geochemical evidence for crustal contamination of eclogites in the Kokchetav subduction-collision zone

V. S. Shatsky, S. Yu Skuzovatov, A. L. Ragozin

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This paper reports isotopic and geochemical studies of eclogites from the western ultrahigh pressure (UHP) and eastern high-pressure (HP) blocks of the Kokchetav subduction-collision zone. These HP and UHP eclogites exhumed in two stages: (1) The rocks of the western block metamorphosed within the field of diamond stability (e.g., Kumdy-Kol and Barchy); (2) In contrast, the metamorphic evolution of the eastern block reached the pressure peak within the stability field of coesite (e.g., Kulet, Chaglinka, Sulu-Tyube, Daulet, and Borovoe). The eclogites vary widely in the ratios of incompatible elements and in the isotope ratios of Nd (143Nd/144Nd = 0.51137-0.513180) and Sr (87Sr/86Sr = 0.703930.78447). The Sulu-Tyube eclogites display isotope-geochemical features close to N-MORB, while those from the other sites are compositionally similar to E-type MORB or island arc basalts (IAB). The model ages TNd(DM) of eclogites vary between 1.95 and 0.67 Ga. The Sulu-Tyube eclogite yields the youngest age; it has the values of εNd(T) (7.2) and 87Sr/86Sr (0.70393) close to the depleted mantle values. The crustal input to the protolith of the Kokchetav eclogites is evident on the εNd(T)-86Sr/87Sr and εNd(T)-T plots. The eclogites make up a trend from DM to country rocks. Some eclogites from the Kulet, Kumdy-Kol, and Barchy localities display signs of partial melting, such as high Sm/Nd (0.65-0.51) and low (La/Sm)N (0.34-0.58) values. The equilibrium temperatures of these eclogites are higher than 850 °C. The geochemical features of eclogites testify to the possibility of the eclogite protolith formation in the tectonic setting of passive continental rift margin subducted to depths over 120 km.

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