Isolation and characterization of a group of new Proteus bacteriophages

V. Morozova, Yu Kozlova, E. Shedko, I. Babkin, A. Kurilshikov, O. Bokovaya, A. Bardashova, A. Yunusova, A. Tikunov, A. Tupikin, T. Ushakova, E. Ryabchikova, N. Tikunova

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Four lytic Proteus bacteriophages, PM75, PM85, PM93, and PM116, which are active against multi-drug-resistant strains of P. mirabilis, were isolated from cattle and poultry samples. According to electron microscopy data, all of the investigated phages belonged to the family Podoviridae. They all demonstrated lytic activity against sensitive strains of P. mirabilis, and three of the phages, PM85, PM93, and PM116, are potential candidates for use in antibacterial treatment. The genomes and putative proteins of bacteriophages PM85, PM93, and PM116 were similar to those of Proteus phage vB_PmiP_Pm5460 [KP890822], and the investigated phages formed a distinct clade within the genus Sp6virus, subfamily Autographivirinae. The genome sequence of phage PM75 was similar to that of a previously described Proteus phage, PM16 [KF319020], and both of them demonstrated low nucleotide sequence identity to the genomes of the other most similar phages, namely, Vibrio phage VP93, Pantoea phage LIMElight, and KP34-like bacteriophages. According to cluster analysis of the complete genome sequences and phylogenetic analysis of the proteins essential for their life cycle, phages PM75 and PM16 are distinct from other similar phages from the phiKMV supergroup and should be recognized as constituting a new genus, “Pm16virus”, within the subfamily Autographivirinae.

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ЖурналArchives of Virology
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