Interrelation of trace elements and the structural organization of lymph nodes at young and senile age

Olga Gorchakova, Yurii Kolmogorov, Vladimir Gorchakov, Georgy Demchenko

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The article deals with the study of interrelation of trace elements and morphology of lymph nodes at different localization and age-related changes. Lymph nodes of different localization at young and old animals were analyzed by a morphological method with definition of trace elements by roentgen fluorescent method and the use of synchrotron radiation. There are data on forming of the lymphoid-microelement association important for integrative assessment of the structural organization of lymph nodes. Structural modification of lymph nodes has certain patterns, proceeding from features of a microelement profile. The region-dependent morphological variant of lymph nodes corresponds to a certain content of trace elements and their correlation with compartments of lymph nodes. Trace elements deficiency and reduction of compartments of lymph nodes are considered as predictors of aging of lymphoid tissue. The results have practical significance to justify a higher trace-element content in anti-aging programs.

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