Internal wave bore in the shelf zone of the sea

V. Yu Liapidevskii, V. V. Novotryasov, F. F. Khrapchenkov, I. O. Yaroshchuk

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This paper presents the observation results for the internal wave bore in the coastal region of the Sea of Japan with the use of vertical thermistor chains. The data obtained is interpreted by the mathematical models of shallow water in which the effect of nonlinearity and dispersion on the propagation of internal wave trains is taken into account. Within the framework of the theory of multilayer shallow water, the problem of transformation of a solitary wave into an internal bore is solved, and the possibility of recovery of a space-time picture of the flow during the passage of an internal bore in the section between adjacent experimental bottom stations is demonstrated.

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Число страниц10
ЖурналJournal of Applied Mechanics and Technical Physics
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