Intensive lasing on D’–A’ transitions of BrF molecules (354.5 nm) excited by TEA-discharge

A. M. Razhev, D. N. Kapusta, E. S. Kargapol'tsev

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In this work, high-power (peak power of more than 1 MW) UV lasing on D’–A’ transitions of interhalogen BrF* molecules (354.5 nm) is reported for the first time. To increase laser energy, Br2 molecule was first proposed as bromine donor in gas mixture of He:NF3:Br2. In this paper, the results of experimental studies of energy, spectral, temporal and spatial BrF-laser characteristics depending on excitation and composition parameters of the active medium are presented. As the result of these studies, the laser energy of about 13 mJ was first achieved with the optical pulse duration of about 10 ± 2 ns (FWHM).

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ЖурналOptics Communications
СостояниеОпубликовано - 15 ноя 2020

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