Influence of fluorosubstitution on the structure of zinc phthalocyanine thin films

Darya D. Klyamer, Aleksandr S. Sukhikh, Sergey A. Gromilov, Vladimir N. Kruchinin, Evgeniy V. Spesivtsev, Aseel K. Hassan, Tamara V. Basova

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In this work, thin films of tetrafluorosubstituted zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPcF4) were deposited by organic molecular beam deposition and studied to reveal the effects of F-substituents on the ZnPcF4 single crystals and thin films structure. A combination of spectral ellipsometry, atomic force microscopy and diffraction techniques has been used to elucidate the structural features and molecular orientation of thin films of ZnPcF4. Structural features of the films grown by co-evaporation of ZnPc and ZnPcF4 (1:1) were also considered. Both ZnPcF4 and ZnPc/ZnPcF4 films have a preferred orientation along (001) plane with inclination angle of molecules relative to the substrate surface equal to 80° and the lower degree of crystallinity compared to the ZnPc film.

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