In situ XPS data for the uranyl-modified oxides under visible light

T. N. Filippov, N. S. Kovalevskiy, M. I. Solovyeva, I. A. Chetyrin, I. P. Prosvirin, M. N. Lyulyukin, D. S. Selishchev, D. V. Kozlov

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The silica, alumina, ceria, and titania supports were modified with uranyl ions (5 wt%) and investigated using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The data show the U4f photoelectron spectra and charge state of uranium for uranyl ions deposited on different supports. The additional in situ XPS experiments with simultaneous irradiation of the sample using a 450 nm light-emitting diode were performed, and the XPS spectra, revealing a partial reduction of uranium under visible irradiation, are presented. The data show the effect of support material on the chemical states of uranium and oxygen on the surface of uranyl-modified oxides under visible light.

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ЖурналData in Brief
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