In situ observations of blistering of a metal irradiated with 2-mev protons

Alexander Badrutdinov, Timophey Bykov, Sergey Gromilov, Yasuo Higashi, Dmitrii Kasatov, Iaroslav Kolesnikov, Alexey Koshkarev, Alexandr Makarov, Takuya Miyazawa, Ivan Shchudlo, Evgeniia Sokolova, Hirotaka Sugawara, Sergey Taskaev

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A vacuum-insulated tandem accelerator was used to observe in situ blistering during 2-MeV proton irradiation of metallic samples to a fluence of up to 6.7 × 1020 cm-2. Samples consisting of copper of different purity, tantalum and tantalum-copper compounds were placed on the proton beam path and forced to cool. The surface state of the samples was observed using a charge-coupled device camera with a remote microscope. Thermistors, a pyrometer and an infrared camera were applied to measure the temperature of the samples during irradiation. After irradiation, the samples were analyzed on an X-ray diffractometer, laser and electron microscopes. The present study describes the experiment, presents the results obtained and notes their relevance and significance in the development of a lithium target for an accelerator-based neutron source, for use in boron neutron capture therapy of cancer.

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