In Situ and Ex Situ Studies of Tetrammineplatinum(II) Chromate Thermolysis

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Comparative analysis have shown that the thermolysis of complex salt [Pt(NH3)4]CrO4 in synthetic air atmosphere under in situ and ex situ conditions proceeds in different routes. In contrast to in situ experiment, ex situ decomposition leads to formation of intermediate PtCrO2 phase with delafossite structure. Final decomposition product is a homogeneous mixture of platinum metal and chromium(III) oxide. Complex [Pt(NH3)4]CrO4 has been shown to have negative volumetric coefficient of thermal expansion in the temperature range 30–200°C (–1.9 × 10–5 1/K). Ex situ experiments have shown stability of the complex on consecutive cyclic heating to 200°C and cooling to ambient temperature

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Inorganic Chemistry
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