Impact of malnutrition on survival in adult patients after elective cardiac surgery: Long-term follow up data

Sergey M. Efremov, Tatiana I. Ionova, Tatiana P. Nikitina, Pavel E. Vedernikov, Timur A. Dzhumatov, Timofey S. Ovchinnikov, Abduvahhob A. Rashidov, Alexandr E. Khomenko, Christian Stoppe, Daren K. Heyland, Vladimir V. Lomivorotov

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The data article refers to the paper titles “Impact of malnutrition on long-term survival in adult patients after elective cardiac surgery” [1]. The data refer to the analysis of the relationship between baseline malnutrition and long-term mortality after cardiac surgery. Baseline demographic, nutritional, and medical history data were collected for each enrolled patient. Baseline serum albumin and C-reactive (CRP) protein levels were also obtained. Surgical risk was assessed in accordance with the logistic EuroSCORE. Intraoperative data including cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) time and postoperative characteristics, such as postoperative complications, number of days in the ICU, and hospitalization duration, were also collected. Data on nutritional status were collected using four nutritional screening tools: (1) malnutrition universal screening tool (MUST), (2) short nutritional assessment questionnaire (SNAQ), (3) mini-nutritional assessment (MNA), and (4) nutritional risk screening 2002 (NRS-2002). Both electronic medical records and phone interviews were used for survival data collection. ROC analysis was performed to analyze prognostic value of baseline and perioperative variables on long-term mortality. Univariate and multivariate logistic regression analysis of predictors of 3- and 8-year mortality were performed. Kaplan-Meyer curves, describing the impact of baseline and perioperative characteristics on 3- and 8-year survival were also performed.

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ЖурналData in Brief
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