Hydrogen cartridge material based on aluminum commercial alloys activated by Ga-In eutectic

Alexander I. Nizovskii, Alexander A. Matvienko, Vladimir N. Rogozhnikov, Mikhail M. Tokarev, Valerii I. Bukhtiyarov

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Recently, the production of compact energy sources (∼10 »W) based on the hydrogen fuel cells has received technological development. One of the known methods for producing hydrogen is the reaction of water with metallic aluminum subjected to an activating treatment. In this work, an attempt was made to relate the reactivity of commercial aluminum alloys activated by Ga-In eutectic with the morphology of the initial alloys. It was shown that a highly active state of the material based on aluminum alloys activated by gallium eutectics for hydrogen evolution from water is achieved by creating an optimally organized nanostructured system in which eutectic components are distributed along the grain boundaries of the entire mass of the material. The efficiency of interaction of bulk materials activated with Ga-In eutectic with water is not inferior to specially prepared powder products and aluminum-based alloys obtained by various methods.

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ЖурналMaterials Today: Proceedings
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 окт. 2019
Событие3rd All-Russian Conference, with International Participation Hot Topics of Solid State Chemistry : From New Ideas to New Materials, HTSSC 2019 - Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация
Продолжительность: 1 окт. 20195 окт. 2019


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