Hydrodynamic features of oil and gas bearing deposits of the southern areas of Ob-irtysh interfluves

Dmitry A. Novikov, F. F. Dultsev, A. V. Chernykh, S. V. Ryzhkova

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The results of study of hydrogeological conditions of oil and gas bearing deposit of the southern areas of Ob-Irtysh interfluves (southern regions of West Siberian basin) are presented. The hydrodynamic field is characterized by direct dependence and the presence of normal and increased pressure (formation anomalous pressure factor not exceed 1.13) is common in Apt-Alb-Cenomanian, Neokomian, Jurassic and pre-Jurassic complexes. The results of study of the reservoir properties and hydrodynamic conditions indicated that the elision water exchange play the dominant role in the modern hydrogeological structure formation. Two types of water drive system is established: elisional (lithostatical and termodehydrational) in the inner areas (southern part of Koltogor-Nyurolsky trench, Nyurolskaya megadepression, Verkhnevasyugansk anteclise and other structures) and infiltrational within the territory of BarabaPikhtovo monocline. Elisional system is replaced by the elisional-termodehydrational at the depth 2.0-2.2 km. Large piezo maximum zones (southern part of Koltogor-Nyurolsky trench and Nyurolskaya megadepression) become the inner regions of water pressure generation (the inner feed areas) with the maximal degree of hydrogeological closure of the interior. The region of piezo minima, tracing the structures of the Barabinsk-Pikhtovskaya megamonocline, relates to the external feed area. The hydrodynamic model of the southern areas of Ob-Irtysh interfluves is building for the first time and allow to predict the pressure change trends in the areas with poorly provided with the actual data.

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