Hybrid technology in the surgical treatment of proximal aortic dissection

A. M. Chernyavsky, M. M. Lyashenko, D. A. Syrota, D. S. Khvan, B. N. Kozlov, D. S. Panfilov, V. L. Lukinov

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Aim. To assess results of Meshalkin National Research Medical Center and Tomsk National Research Medical Center in surgical treatment of DeBakey type I aortic dissection using hybrid technologies (“frozen elephant trunk”) compared with classical standard interventions. Material and methods. The study included patients operated on successively in the 2002-2010 timeframe with a diagnosis of acute and subacute DeBakey type I aortic dissection. A retrospective observational comparison of the surgical treatment results of patients (two groups) was performed: using standard surgical approaches (beveled anastomosis or aortic arch replacement using multi-branched prosthesis) and frozen elephant trunk (FET) intervention. The groups included 70 and 31 patients, respectively. Mortality and morbidity were evaluated in the postoperative period, the frequency of aorto-related events - during the observation period. Results. Mortality and the frequency of complications between the groups in the early and late postoperative periods did not differ. Aorto-related events of the groups in the long-term period differed statistically significantly in favor of hybrid interventions (p=0,005). Conclusion. The hybrid technology of thoracic aorta reconstruction using “frozen elephant trunk” type allows to make one-step reconstruction of the aorta during its multilevel lesion. Observation of patients in the long-term period allows us to announce of a longtime, stable result of surgical treatment in the absence of additional perioperative risks.

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ЖурналRussian Journal of Cardiology
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