Human Capital as a Basis for the Development of a Modern University

Aleksey Golikov, Marina Kudaka, Vitaly Sergeev, Irina Sergeeva, Platon Tishin, Elena Tumakova

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Modern world trends have a significant impact on the university and human capital as an important part of the university. From our point of view, an active process is currently underway and namely it is transition from a university-function, to a university-subject of change. Only a small amount of the university's academic staff have the necessary competences for the implementation of full-life projects and the ability to work in a project team, this is primarily due to the lack of soft-skills. In this regard, to assess the capitalization of the human resource in the university community, in this article propose to introduce the concept of capitalization index (CI), which takes into account the diversity of activities of the university staff (scientific work, teaching, interaction with students, etc.) and determines its effectiveness. This system allows us to supplement it with various components, depending on the trends of development of the university, and also shift the focus from one area to another (priority factor) and strengthen the significance of a certain type of activity (quality factor).

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Событие2018 International Scientific Conference Environmental Science for Construction Industry, ESCI 2018 - Ho Chi Minh City, Вьетнам
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