HPHT diamond crystallization in the Mg-Si-C system: Effect of Mg/Si composition

Yuri Palyanov, Igor Kupriyanov, Yuri Borzdov, Denis Nechaev, Yuliya Bataleva

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Crystallization of diamond in the Mg-Si-C system has been studied at 7.5 GPa and 1800°C with the Mg-Si compositions spanning the range from Mg-C to Si-C end-systems. It is found that as Si content of the system increases from 0 to 2 wt %, the degree of the graphite-to-diamond conversion increases from about 50 to 100% and remains at about this level up to 20 wt % Si. A further increase in Si content of the system leads to a decrease in the graphite-to-diamond conversion degree down to complete termination of diamond synthesis at Si content >50 wt %. Depending on the Si content crystallization of diamond, joint crystallization of diamond and silicon carbide and crystallization of silicon carbide only are found to take place. The cubic growth of diamond, typical of the Mg-C system, transforms to the cube-octahedron upon adding 1 wt % Si and then to the octahedron at a Si content of 2 wt % and higher. The crystallized diamonds are studied by a suite of optical spectroscopy techniques and the major characteristics of their defect-and-impurity structure are revealed. The correlations between the Si content of the Mg-Si-C system and the properties of the produced diamond crystals are established.

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