HOW NOT TO DO HISTORICAL SOCIOLOGY AND HOW IT SHOULD BE CORRECTLY UNDERSTOOD (NT Kremliev's "Historical Sociology. Questions of Social Development theory". M., 2016)

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The book by N. Kremliev includes an extensive review of classical and contemporary studies on the social analysis of the past, but it neglects the most important figures. N. Kremliev retells traditional secondary and tertiary historical works on some periods in world history in complete disregard of the actual dispute. The second part of the article deals with the specifics of historical sociology which is defined as the use of sociological approaches to past periods of human history. Historical sociology is a standard part of sociology and includes macrosociology (theoretical history, macrohistory) as its part. The historical material should be subordinated to the tasks of sociological research, structured, laced with ideas, concepts, models of sociological knowledge, preferably modern. The conclusions of research should make contributions to sociological knowledge, somehow supplement or correct existing general ideas about social phenomena, social processes, their nature and causes, not just demonstrate the applicability of the concepts to social phenomena of the past.

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