Homo Dignus in Philosophical and Legal Discourse: Human Dignity and the Philosophy of Constitutionalism

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The article discusses the issues of identifying human dignity in philosophical and legal discourse, examines the nature and essence of dignity, its relationship with self-esteem and self-worth; the origin and use of "dignitas" within the framework of the Roman tradition; the importance of the category "dignity" in modern legal, political and ethical discussion; critical reflection of the views of I. Bentham on human rights, their influence on the modern status of the human dignity; the role of legal polymorphism in understanding human dignity as a legal category; the use of the term "dignity" in an ethical, philosophical and legal context; correlation of moral, existential and legal values of human dignity; the challenge of overcoming philosophical skepticism regarding dignity through modern legal forms, legal polymorphism and the existential value of dignity. The paper assesses the prospects of rise of human dignity in modern jurisprudence from the standpoint of philosophical and meta-legal analysis; reveals the heuristic value and integrative function of human dignity. The purpose of the article is to reveal the significance of philosophical-ethical, existential and constitutional legal dialogue around human dignity; the connection of justice, dignity and legal order; the role of constitutionalism and international legal acts in the creation of various legal forms of human dignity; the influence of modern cultural diversity on the secularization and universalization of human dignity. The discursive approach and critical rationalism in legal research, the methods of dialectics, legal hermeneutics and legal engineering are used; they allow us to determine the expressive nature of legal norms on dignity, the meta-legal nature and polysemic significance of human dignity in modem philosophy of law, Russian constitutional and international jurisprudence.

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