Heteromorphism of "homomorphic" sex chromosomes in two anole species (Squamata, Dactyloidae) revealed by synaptonemal complex analysis

Artem P. Lisachov, Vladimir A. Trifonov, Massimo Giovannotti, Malcolm A. Ferguson-Smith, Pavel M. Borodin

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Iguanians (Pleurodonta) are one of the reptile lineages that, like birds and mammals, have sex chromosomes of ancient origin. In most iguanians these are microchromosomes, making a distinction between the X and Y as well as between homeologous sex chromosomes in other species difficult. Meiotic chromosome analysis may be used to elucidate their differentiation, because meiotic prophase chromosomes are longer and less condensed than metaphase chromosomes, and the homologues are paired with each other, revealing minor heteromorphisms. Using electron and fluorescent microscopy of surface spread synaptonemal complexes (SCs) and immunolocalization of the proteins of the SC (SYCP3), the centromere, and recombination nodules (MLH1), we examined sex chromosome synapsis and recombination in 2 species of anoles (Dactyloidae), Anolis carolinensis and Deiroptyx coelestinus, in which the sex chromosomes represent the ancestral condition of iguanians. We detected clear differences in size between the anole X and Y microchromosomes and found an interspecies difference in the localization of the pseudoautosomal region. Our results show that the apparent homomorphy of certain reptile sex chromosome systems can hide a cryptic differentiation, which potentially may influence the evolution of sexual dimorphism and speciation.

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ЖурналCytogenetic and Genome Research
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