Heterolytic alkene oxidation with H2O2catalyzed by Nb-substituted Lindqvist tungstates immobilized on carbon nanotubes

Vasiliy Yu Evtushok, Irina D. Ivanchikova, Vladimir A. Lopatkin, Nataliya V. Maksimchuk, Olga Yu Podyacheva, Arina N. Suboch, Olga A. Stonkus, Oxana A. Kholdeeva

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Nb-Monosubstituted polyoxometalates (Nb-POM) of the Lindqvist structure, monomers [Nb(L)W5O19]n- (Nb(L)W5, L = O, OCH3, (O)2; n = 3 or 2) and a dimer [(NbW5O18)2O]4-, were successfully immobilized on N-free and N-doped carbon nanotubes (CNTs and N-CNTs) and characterized by elemental analysis, N2 adsorption, XPS, FTIR spectroscopy, HR-TEM, and HAADF-STEM. The supported catalysts revealed superior activity and selectivity for the heterolytic oxidation of alkenes with aqueous hydrogen peroxide as a green oxidant to produce epoxides and diols as the principal oxidation products. Both CNTs and N-CNTs stabilize the monomeric form [Nb(OH)W5O18]2-, preventing its deactivation through dimerization and thereby leading to a great increase in the catalyst activity and productivity relative to homogeneous Nb(L)W5. Although N-doping ensures a more homogeneous dispersion of Nb-POMs on the surface, it enhances unproductive decomposition of the oxidant, leading to the enhancement of homolytic oxidation routes. The elaborated Nb-POM/CNT catalysts reveal the truly heterogeneous nature of the catalysis, and can be easily recovered by filtration, regenerated, and reused several times without a significant loss of the catalytic performance.

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ЖурналCatalysis Science and Technology
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СостояниеОпубликовано - 7 мая 2021

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