In this work we applied a Hamiltonian formalism to simplify the equations of non-degenerate nonlinear four-wave mixing to the one-degree-of-freedom Hamiltonian equations with a three-parameter Hamiltonian. Thereby, a problem of signal amplification in a phase-sensitive double-pumped parametric fiber amplifier with pump depletion was reduced to a geometrical study of the phase portraits of the one-degree-of-freedom Hamiltonian system. For a symmetric case of equal pump powers and equal signal and idler powers at the fiber input, it has been shown that the theoretical maximum gain occurs on the extremal trajectories. However, to reduce the nonlinear interaction of waves, we proposed to choose the separatrix as the optimal trajectory on the phase plane. Analytical expressions were found for the maximum amplification, as well as the length of optical fiber and the relative phase of interacting waves allowing this amplification. Using the proposed approach, we optimized of the phase-sensitive parametric amplifier. As a result, the optimal parameters of the phase-sensitive amplifier were found and the maximum possible signal amplification was realized in a broad range of signal wavelengths.

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