Geothermal zonality of fore-yenisei sedimentary basin

Fedor F. Dultsev, Dmitry A. Novikov

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The relevance of the work is caused by the fact that the strata temperature is one of the major factors controlling the degree of tran-sformation of scattered organic matter of rocks, gas and oil generation, formation and conservation of the deposits of hydrocarbons. It is the temperature on which the physicochemical properties and phase state of gases, oil and water depend under the in-situ conditions. Upper Precambrian-Paleozoic deposits of the Fore-Yenisei sedimentary basin are considered in recent years as one of the possible ob-jects for the increment of the resource basis of hydrocarbons within the boundaries of the West Siberian oil-and-gas bearing province. At present, the region under investigation is insufficiently explored by drilling, so in the work we propose a geothermal model showing the character of changes in the strata temperature with depth and allowing us to predict the trends of temperature changes for diffi-cultly accessible objects weakly provided with the actual data. The aim of the work is to reveal the geothermal features of Upper Precambrian-Paleozoic sediments of the Pre-Yenisei sedimentary ba-sin, zoning and compilation of the geothermal model of the sedimentary fill of the basin. Methods of investigation. Geothermal parameters of the geological section were calculated; geothermal zoning of the territory was carried out on the basis of the geothermal gradient value. Using the structural maps over the major stratigraphical horizons and the re-gression dependences of the geothermal parameters with the depth, the grid models were developed with the help of GridBuilder and GridMaster software packages, as well as GS Surfer. Results. It was determined that the sections of the Upper Precambrian-Paleozoic sediments of the Pre-Yenisei sedimentary basin are comparable with the western regions of the Siberian Platform, both in rock composition and in geothermal conditions, and are charac-terized by decreased geothermal gradients (1,25-2,55 °C/100 m). For the first time, the authors have developed the detailed geother-mal model of sedimentary fill of the basin allowing us to predict the geothermal conditions of the sedimentary strata.

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