Geomorphology and quaternary sediments at Archaeological Sites Near Anzhevka, Krasnoyarsk Territory

I. D. Zolnikov, A. A. Kartoziya, A. V. Vybornov, V. S. Slavinsky, A. A. Tsybankov, I. A. Grachev

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Archaeological and geomorphological studies at several sites near the village of Anzhevka contribute to the understanding of the cultural and chronological situation in the region during the Quaternary. They are especially relevant to intermediate regions such as the Kansk-Rybinsk Basin, situated between the Baikal, Angara, and Yenisei drainages. Rescue excavations in 2015 on the right bank of the Kan River, near Kansk, yielded numerous fi nds relating to the Quaternary, and to the origin of the modern topography of that basin. Excavated sites near Anzhevka include Nefteprovod-1 and -2 and Ryabch ikov Klyuch-1, all sp anning the period from the Upper Paleolithic to recent centuries, and including fi ve geomorphological segmen ts with different types of Quaternary deposits. The main type of landscape at Ryabchikov Klyuch-1 is sharp-crested dissected, and that at Nefteprovod-1 and -2 is defi ned by structural denudation. The latter occupies the right wall of the Kan River valley, raised and divided into neotectonic blocks differing in elevation. The nature of the sections is determined by geomorphological segmentation: the Quaternary sequence begins from alluvial sediments, and in certain areas between the pre-Quaternary sediments and the subaerial cover, the alluvium is absent. Cultural layers are deposited in the upper unit, as represented by the subaerial cover's differing in various areas, because of local alluvial erosion and eolian defl ation. Studies show the peculiar nature of the geomorphology and sediments of the area, different from those at Strizhovaya Gora, which is located 3.5 km downstream the Kan River.

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ЖурналArchaeology, Ethnology and Anthropology of Eurasia
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