Genetic Organization of Open Chromatin Domains Situated in Polytene Chromosome Interbands in Drosophila

T. Yu Zykova, O. O. Popova, V. A. Khoroshko, V. G. Levitsky, S. A. Lavrov, I. F. Zhimulev

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New data on the organization of genes entirely located in the open domains for chromatin transcription and occupying only one chromosome structure (interband) were obtained. The characteristic features of these genes are the small size (on average, 1–2 kb), depletion of the replicative complex proteins in the regulatory region, and the presence of specific motifs for binding transcription factors, as compared to the genes occupying two structures (interband and gray band). The biological function of these genes is associated primarily with the processes of gene expression and RNA metabolism.

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