Genetic etiology of hearing loss in Russia

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Prevalence and locus/allelic heterogeneity of the hereditary hearing loss (HL) vary significantly in different human populations. Investigation of the hereditary HL diversity and the evaluation of the factors determining the region-specific landscapes of genetic HL are important for local healthcare and medical genetic services. This review presents the summarized data from the published studies concerning the genetic etiology of HL in different populations of Russia. Multiethnic population of Russia (in total, about 146 million on 2021) includes over 180 different ethnic groups, the number of which varies from millions to just several thousand people. Among them, Russians are the largest group (about 111 million). The contribution of GJB2 gene in the HL etiology in patients of different ethnicities and ethnic-specific prevalence of the GJB2 pathogenic variants were studied in many local populations of Russia. However, the investigation of other “deafness” genes is still limited to a relatively small number of studies on patients with HL of unsolved etiology.

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