Genesis, structural, and transport properties of La2Mo2-xWxO9 prepared via mechanochemical activation

S. Pavlova, Y. Bespalko, T. Krieger, V. Sadykov, N. Uvarov

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Fast oxide-ion conductors La2Mo2-xWxO9 (x = 0–1) have been prepared using mechanochemical activation (MA) of starting oxides in a high-power planetary ball mill. Studies of La2Mo2-xWxO9 genesis and structural properties using thermal analysis, XRD, SEM, IR, and Raman spectroscopy have revealed that MA results in the formation of an amorphous precursor, while the cubic β-phase is formed after calcination at 700–900 °C. Due to a high dispersion of powders, high-density pellets of W-LAMOX ceramics have been obtained already after sintering at 950 °C. Their electrical conductivity measured by the impedance spectroscopy depends on the W concentration being sufficiently high (up to 5.6∙10−3 S/cm at 630 °C) at temperatures below 650 °C.

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