Generation of high-energy soliton-like pulses in 1.9-2.5 µm spectral domain

Vladislav V. Dvoyrin, Sergei K. Turitsyn

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We experimentally demonstrate the generation of soliton-like pulses with 195-230 fs duration and energy up to 20 nJ in the spectral region of 1.9-2.5 µm directly from the Tm-doped all-fiber MOPA laser. The emerged Raman solitons generated directly in the fiber amplifier exhibit unusual dynamics and spectral properties forming a supercontinuum without conventional gaps between Stokes pulses. Namely, at the output powers above 2 W, in addition to conventional soliton spectral peaks beyond 2.3 µm, we observe high spectral density over an extended range of 1.95-2.23 µm corresponding to a coherent structure that to the best of our knowledge differs from any previously observed supercontinuum regimes. The average optical power of the fiber laser is at the 3-W level, whereas the estimated peak power reached the 80-kW level. Such a relatively simple laser system with high spectral density is a promising light source for various applications ranging from advanced comb spectroscopy to ultra-fast photonics.

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