Four-loop results for the cusp anomalous dimension

R. Brüser, A. G. Grozin, J. M. Henn, M. Stahlhofen

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We review the current status of calculations of the HQET field anomalous dimension and the cusp anomalous dimension. In particular, we give the results at 4 loops for the quartic Casimir contribution, and for the full QED case, up to φ6 in the small angle expansion. Furthermore, we discuss the leading terms in the anti-parallel lines limit at four loops.

Язык оригиналаанглийский
ЖурналProceedings of Science
СостояниеОпубликовано - 1 янв 2018
Событие2018 Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory, LL 2018 - St. Goar, Германия
Продолжительность: 29 апр 20184 мая 2018

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