Formation of thermocapillary structures in a heated liquid film

S. P. Aktershev, E. N. Shatskiy, E. A. Chinnov

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The conditions of formation of a three-dimensional thermocapillary structure on the surface of a liquid film flowing along a heater with the constant temperature were studied numerically based on the derived system of equations. Formation of the thermocapillary structure was modeled by periodic perturbations in the transverse direction superimposed on the two-dimensional flow. It is shown in calculations that transversal perturbations can develop into periodic rivulet structures on the film surface if the Marangoni number exceeds some threshold value. It is revealed that the rivulet structure develops when the period belongs to a certain range, which is determined by the value of Marangoni number. The results of calculations are in a good agreement with experimental data.

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ЖурналThermophysics and Aeromechanics
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