Formation of the Fe,Mg-Silicates, Fe-0, and Graphite (Diamond) Assemblage as a Result of Cohenite Oxidation under Lithospheric Mantle Conditions

Yu. V. Bataleva, Yu. N. Palyanov, Yu. M. Borzdov, E. V. Zdrokov, I. D. Novoselov, N. V. Sobolev

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Experimental studies in the Fe 3 C–SiO 2 –MgO system (P = 6.3 GPa, T = 1100–1500°C, t = 20–40 h) have been carried out. It has been established that carbide-oxide interaction resulted in the formation of Fe-orthopyroxene, graphite, wustite, and cohenite (1100 and 1200°C), as well as a Fe–C–O melt (1300–1500°C). The main processes occurring in the system at 1100 and 1200°C are the oxidation of cohenite, the extraction of carbon from carbide, and the crystallization of metastable graphite, as well as the formation of ferrosilicates. At T ≥ 1300°C, graphite crystallization and diamond growth occur as a result of the redox interaction of a predominantly metallic melt (Fe–C–O) with oxides and silicates. The carbide–oxide interaction studied can be considered as the basis for modeling a number of carbon-producing processes in the lithospheric mantle at fO 2 values near the iron–wustite buffer.

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