Flow Regimes of Viscous Immiscible Liquids in T-Type Microchannels

Andrey V. Minakov, Anna A. Shebeleva, Anna A. Yagodnitsyna, Alexander V. Kovalev, Artur V. Bilsky

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A computational and experimental study of the flow regimes of a mixture of castor and paraffin oils in a T-type microchannel with 200 × 400 µm cross section was carried out. The ranges of parallel, slug, droplet, and rivulet flow regimes of the tested mixture were defined. According to the experimental results, a flow regime map was constructed for this mixture depending on the Weber number multiplied by the Ohnesorge number. A correlation of the length of paraffin oil slugs to the fluid flow ratio was established. The experimental data were compared with results of numerical simulation. A good agreement between calculation and experimental data was achieved in terms of reproduction of flow regimes, phase boundaries, and slug length.

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ЖурналChemical Engineering and Technology
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