Reactions of Sb2O3 solution in HBr in presence of Br2 with series of pyridinium-type cation salts resulted in formation of Cat[SbBr6] (Cat = 1,3,4-MePy+ (1) and 1,4-MePy+ (2)) and Cat2{[SbBr6](Br3)} (Cat = 1,2-MePy+ (3), 1-Et-2-MePy+ (4) and 1-Et-4-MePy+ (5)) complexes which were characterized by X-ray diffractometry. For all compounds, thermal stability was investigated by TGA method; energies of non-covalent Br⋯Br interactions were estimated by DFT calculations and QTAIM analysis (M06/DZP-DKH level of theory).

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