Features of Magneto-Intersubband Oscillations in HgTe Quantum Wells

G. M. Minkov, O. E. Rut, A. A. Sherstobitov, S. A. Dvoretski, N. N. Mikhailov

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Magneto-intersubband oscillations (MISOs) in single quantum wells of the gapless semiconductor HgTe have been studied experimentally. It has been shown that, in contrast to MISOs in double quantum wells based on broadband semiconductors GaAs and InGaAs and theoretical predictions, magnetic fields at which antinodes of high-frequency oscillations are observed coincide with minima rather than with maxima of MISOs of the magnetoresistance ρxx. It has been assumed that this feature is due to the suppression of the resonance of the probability of transitions between Landau levels of two spectral branches split by the strong spin—orbit coupling.

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ЖурналJETP Letters
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