Features of autoregulation of cerebral blood flow in lymphomas

V. D. Koptev, V. V. Nimaev, V. N. Gorchakov

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    The group of surveyed persons was made by 95 patients with hemoblastoses, of them 40 - with Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) and 55 - with non-Hodgkin's malignant lymphoma (NHML) before and after a polychemotherapy at different stages of a disease. We investigated blood velocity with auto-regulation assessment in the region of a medial cerebral artery by method of transcranial doppler sonography. In addition we did functional tests with calculation of indexes of reactivity. We established decrease in indicators of reactivity at functional tests that reflects restriction of a functional reserve of brain blood circulation at lymphomas. The range of vessels reaction was progressively narrowed that was confirmed by reduction of an index of vasomotorial reactivity by 34,6% to III-IV stages of a HL and by 47,3% at I-II and 74,6% at HI-IV stages of a NHML. Degree of decrease in reactivity and violation of autoregulation of brain blood circulation progressed in process of transition of a disease to heavier stage against the happening remodeling of vascular wall. The degree of a reactivity decrease was higher at a NHML than at HL. There was an expansion of homeostatic range of reactions against the background of rising of compensatory opportunities of vessels because of decrease of cellular infiltration after a combined chemotherapy. Indexes of a cerebrovascular reactivity after the combined chemotherapy had higher sizes in comparison with similar indicators before treatment but they did not reach control. The difference between sizes of an index of a vasomotorial reactivity arising before and after a polychemotherapy was most indicative. It was 7%-18,l% in HL and 17%-56,2% in NHML depending on disease duration. Full normalization of an autoregulation of a cerebral circulation did not happen after treatment that assumed a need of additional measures of the rehabilitation referred on decrease of toxicity of drugs and endogenic intoxication at lymphoproliferation diseases.

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