Experimental study of the rivulet movement on the surface of the heated liquid film

V. V. Semionov, E. N. Shatskiy, E. A. Chinnov

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Characteristics of the film flow were determined experimentally using simultaneous measurements of the thickness and temperature fields on the surface of the falling heated liquid film (LIF and IR scanner). Three different types of instability were registered on the surface of the heated liquid film: 3D hydrodynamic and two thermocapillary A and B instabilities. The development of thermocapillary structures of type A was considered in the residual layer behind the wave front. These structures caused a disturbance in the following wave front, leading to an increase in the amplitude of the waves. It was found that the amplitude of hydrodynamic waves in the upper part of the heater could be increased. The development of thermocapillary structures of type A at high heat flux initiated increasing of the rivulets deflection amplitudes.

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Номер статьи012074
ЖурналJournal of Physics: Conference Series
Номер выпуска1
СостояниеОпубликовано - 28 ноя 2018
Событие34th Siberian Thermophysical Seminar Dedicated to the 85th Anniversary of Academician A. K. Rebrov, STS 2018 - Novosibirsk, Российская Федерация
Продолжительность: 27 авг 201830 авг 2018